Observation, Assessment - Essay Example

This test has a lot or true and false question answered by both the parent and child Interest Inventories: used to determine a persons Interest In a certain area or action and are not used with very young children. It helps a school age child pick reading material. Attitude measure: determines how a person is predisposed to think about or behave toward an object even institution type of behavior or person 2. What is meant by quantifiable scores? Quantifiable scores support interpretation of the test results.

Most psychological test provides numerical scores which allow statistical comparison 3. Describe norm referencing. Norms provide the tool whereby children’s test performance can be compared with performance of reference group other? Test needs validity to make sure of clear directions when reading vocabulary and items that are appropriate for the objectives. Reliability to accurately determine the number of items used the length of the test, and the rating. No, you can not have one without the other because together they balance each other. 5.

Why is the description of a test’s purpose important? How does test purpose affect test design? The description of the test is the framework for the construction on the test it allows evaluation of the instrument when design and construction steps are completed 6. List some factors that test developers must consider before starting to develop a test. Trees designers should be able to explain what constructs or characteristics the test will measure, how the test results will be used, and who will take the test 7. What is the best test formats to use with preschool children? Rally or physical task because preschool can not sit still in front of a paper or nor can they even read a test on their own analysis. Item analysis involves studying three characteristics of each test question: difficulty level discrimination and grade progression of difficulty 9. What kinds of information are acquired when a test is standardized? A reference group is selected the morning group is chosen various kinds of norms can be established. Raw scores of sample test taker are converted into derived scores or standard scores 10. How is a morning population selected? El sections of the country different genders ages community size ego area socio- con and ethnic factors 11. Explain content validity, criterion-related validity, and construct validity. Validity is the degree to which the test serves the purpose for which it will be used criterion-related validity is concerned with the validity of an aptitude test intent validity is when the test developers are defining the degree to which the test construct validity is the extent to which a test measures a relatively abstract psychological trait such as personality, verbal ability, or mechanical aptitude. 2. Explain alternative-form reliability, split-half reliability, and test-retest reliability. Alternative-form reliability is when test developers construct two equivalent forms of the final test split-half reliability is when the morning group is administered a single test and scores on half of the test are correlated with scores on the other half. Est.-retest reliability is derived from the administration of a single test form. Test is given to the morning group.